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!!!!!!! AURORA AR57...3 UNITS AVAILABLE.....APRIL 2014
ar57 synthesizer
  • 3 analogue oscillators (tri, saw, pulse)
  • 2 sub oscillators
  • low and high pass 24db transistor ladder filter.
  • ADSR, with auto trigger.
  • VCA gate / envelope mode.
  • LFO (tri, sq, saw, random) routable to vco, vcf, pwm. Any mix of LFO waveforms.
  • Modulation wheel routed to LFO depth.
  • Pitch bend knob
  • 3 octave keyboard, with portamento.
  • VCO 3 can modulate VCF and LFO rate also.
  • Hi freq. LFO rate (ring mod. effects).
  • Germanium transistor mixer/output stage.
  • Price list
ar57 synthesizer

The AURORA AR57 is our vey own creation (manufactured under the name of Harpur Instruments). It is not licenced to be sold by any other retailer. We build them and we sell them - simple as.

Each AR57 synth is hand-built and tested on-site, making it a truly British made product.

Price list

Look out for our new, up and coming products, under our new manufacturing name of 'Harpur Instruments' (the name is taken from the street we're located on). We will soon have demo's of the long-awaited ADL2300 compact modular synthesizer.


GhostHit! - Colours, NEW SINGLE, featuring the Aurora AR57 synthesizer.


Welcome to the updated & improved SynthRestore website! We are constantly seeking to improve our services & the products we offer.

We are now large stockists ARP 2600 synthesizer parts & spares.

Alongside our analogue synth spares, we still offer the services of repairs and servicing to your vintage analogue synthesizers & related equipment.

Visit our information page for more info. and browse through our list of recently repaired items.

If you have an item that you need serviced or repaired (Moog, Oberheim ARP, Korg etc). Please email for a free quote.

roland tb303

Fancy a British made synthesizer or modular synthesizer? Here for more details of the range we offer.

Aurora AR51 synthesizer

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